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We are professional, organized, clean, and surprising at Roof Repairs Co, Winthrop, MA. How do you know you are one of the best roofing companies in Massachusetts? By reading our roofing company reviews of course! We have collected a lot of roofing company reviews over the last 30+ years!

Review – 3/2/21

Roof Repairs Co. just completed repairs to our home resulting from storm damage incurred late in  February 2015. Todd provided critical support in dealing with the insurance company to determine the extent of damages and what costs there would be. He then completed repairs including roof and gutter replacement and painting of the entire house, repairs to some windows, and several other areas of the property that were affected by the storm. Repairs were professional and timely despite inclement weather.


A few years ago a huge tree fell on our house, went through the attic, and into our master bathroom. The damage was big requiring a new roof, new gutters, and work on skylights. I will always be grateful to Roof Repairs Co. for their quick response. They placed a tarp over our house preventing further damage. Repair work was done neatly and skillfully. Since that time we have used Roof Repairs Co. for other repairs and for gutter cleaning on a regular basis. We recommend them for their dependable work.

Roof Repairs Co. has done a great job. Our initial call was returned promptly and a time for an estimate scheduled. A thorough inspection of the roof was done and different options were offered and discussed. When the crew came out to do the work they were quick and efficient. No mess was left.

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